Returning you to a healthy, pain-free and active lifestyle without the need for medication or invasive procedures.

We practice an integrated approach to patient care.

We want you to help the whole you. We understand the importance of each patient getting comprehensive treatment within the scope of the healthcare system.

We have committed resources to working closely with your other physicians and health care providers that you see regularly. We will work together, as a team, to make sure you receive only the best care.

Helping you live well.

Dr. Nissenbaum has dedicated the last 10 years of his life to studying chiropractic care and human health. He believes in working closely with patients to understand their condition. As a chiropractor he collaborates with his patients to help them get out of any pain and to ultimately live a pain-free life.

A commitment to our community.

Dr. Nissenbaum has a strong passion for staying involved in the community. You can catch him speaking at a local event or supporting a fundraiser for one of the many causes in San Carlos CA. You may also see him at Tierra Linda middle school where he coaches boys basketball.

A Dedicated, Skilled Chiropractor in San Carlos, CA

Chiropractic care includes the practice of spinal manipulation, manual therapy, and other physiological therapeutic measures to relieve pain and alleviate the symptoms of many chronic health conditions. Clients seeking a new chiropractor will be impressed by the collaborative approach of Dr. Scott Nissenbaum, an experienced and highly skilled practitioner who thrives on helping his patients achieve optimal well being 

Dr. Scott Nissenbaum, D.C.

Dr. Nissenbaum, who practices in the heart of the San Francisco Peninsula, has dedicated more than fifteen years of his life to studying and practicing chiropractic care, his passion inspired by his intellectual interest in human health. He believes in working closely with patients to educate them about their conditions and provide effective treatment through chiropractic adjustments, Active Release Therapy (A.R.T.), and therapeutic exercises.

Dr. Nissenbaum specializes in chiropractic adjustments and A.R.T. These modalities allow him to diagnose and care for patients with a wide range of conditions, including but not limited to back and neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, wrist pain, sciatica, discomforts associated with pregnancy, digestive issues, headaches, and hypertension. He and his staff diligently work with your other physicians and health care providers to provide the most comprehensive, coordinated care possible with an integrated, holistic approach.

Dr. Nissenbaum’s patients travel from as far as San Francisco, the East Bay, and the South Bay to his downtown San Carlos office. He treats each patient with individualized care, and he considers every individual and family a part of his community. Dr. Nissenbaum is active in and passionate about his local community, San Carlos, CA, where he lives and works. He can often be found speaking at local events, attending fundraisers for the many community causes he supports, or strolling about the weekly Farmers’ Market with his family.

If you are experiencing chronic pain and seek chiropractic care, then schedule an appointment for a New Patient Visit with Dr. Nissenbaum.