Diagnose and Treat - Shoulder Pain

Just as there are many ways to injure a shoulder, there are a variety of treatments and therapies available to help rehabilitate and heal shoulder pain. San Carlos, CA residents can visit Dr. Scott Nissenbaum to get their bodies back on the road to good health.

Don’t delay in scheduling an appointment if you are experiencing any of the following kinds of shoulder discomfort:

  • Pain: Depending on the injury, you may experience sharp pain at a specific point or a dull, widespread pain in the shoulder. The pain may be present at the end of the collarbone or over the deltoid muscle. You may feel the pain worsen when you hold your arm behind your back or above your shoulder. Moving the arm may cause more discomfort, or sometimes it’s just a tired, fatigued feeling in the shoulder.
  • Stiffness: Shoulder pain may appear as stiffness when you first wake in the morning. The stiffness and discomfort can prevent you from lying on the affected shoulder. You may find that the stiffness keeps you from reaching up or to the side with the affected arm.
  • Weakness: Your shoulder may feel weak or unstable. Or you may find it difficult to rotate the arm against any resistance or even to lift light objects.

Dr. Nissenbaum will diagnose and treat your shoulder problem using a variety of care options, including Active Release Technique (A.R.T.), chiropractic adjustments, Physiotherapy Modalities (such as Electric Muscle Stimulation and Ultrasound), massage therapy, and guided exercise rehabilitation.

You don’t have to spend another day struggling with shoulder pain. San Carlos, CA residents can call today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Scott Nissenbaum.